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Sitting on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

As the sun paints the sky with the hues of a new year, many of us embark on the quest to become the best version of ourselves. Among the myriad of promises we make, the allure of travel often takes center stage.

"This year, we will travel more," we say.

Our minds wander to exotic locations, envisioning the adventures awaiting us and the diverse souls we'll encounter along the way. Plans start to take shape, and we enthusiastically dive into researching trips, saving every penny like treasure.

Yet, as the calendar pages turn, the dream of travel often takes a backseat. Life throws curveballs, and we find reasons to postpone our aspirations.

"Maybe tomorrow," we reassure ourselves. "Today is too chaotic, not the right time."

The elusive "right time" is a mirage, forever dancing just out of reach. We convince ourselves that when we have more money, more time, or when life is less "crazy," the stars will align for our journey.

But here's the inside scoop: there's never a perfect time to travel.

The notion that the stars will align, revealing the ideal day to step into the world, is a fantasy. Today might not be flawless, and neither will tomorrow.

Tomorrow brings a new set of excuses, bills to pay, and never "enough" money. It hosts weddings, birthdays, and more planning. Doubtful whispers from familiar faces persist, and worries about the unknown persist.

Procrastination becomes a perpetual cycle, with each "tomorrow" promising an illusory perfection that never materializes.

Isn't adult life a perpetual game of hoping "next week will be better," knowing well that the chaos persists?

The hardest step of any journey is the one out the door. Embracing that first step becomes easier when you realize the stars will never align, and the perfect moment will never materialize.

You just have to go. Take that leap. Trust that it will all work out.

And it will.

Had I waited for the perfect day, a friend's promised company (which never materialized), or a bit more money, I'd still be confined to my cubicle, never going to my first international vacation to Ireland.

Back then, worries about insufficient savings and doubts about traveling mostly solo had me doubting and pushing off the trip.

Yet, sometimes, you must take the leap. Ships aren't made for harbors, and you aren't meant to dwell in the safety of "what if."

Because one day, tomorrows will run out, leaving behind only regret.

So, enough waiting.

Stop the excuses.

This is your year.

Even if it's just a dollar a day, start. Action breeds action.

Don't fret about tomorrow; everything falls into place.

Cancel services that create unnecessary bills.

On the road, you'll forge more friendships than you ever imagined.

You can work abroad.

And if it doesn't pan out, home is always there.

The world brims with possibilities, and you're capable of incredible feats.

But it starts with today. Go on, embrace the adventure!


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