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Hi - My name is Shannon Gordy, and travel is a huge passion of mine. Ever since I hopped on a plane to Ireland alone in 2015, I have been absolutely addicted to traveling the world. 12 countries and 27 states later, here I am, juggling my own portrait business, Ruff Sketchings, while conquering the world, one destination at a time.

Not only do I love traveling, but I also love all the planning that goes into trips. Crafting itineraries, diving into research on new places, and soaking up the culture - these are all pieces of the exhilarating puzzle I call my travel passion.

So, inspired by my own wanderlust and the joy of planning, I've decided to share this passion with fellow adventurers. I'm on a mission to take the hassle out of travel for those who find the logistics daunting. With my services, you're not just getting a travel expert; you're getting a guide infused with enthusiasm, expertise, and a fearless spirit. Together, let's turn your future trips into unforgettable, seamless adventures!

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