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The Northern Lights are expected to be extra vibrant in 2024 due to the solar cycle’s peak. Every 11 years, the sun goes through a cycle of increased and decreased activity. During the peak, the sun releases more solar flares and coronal mass ejections, resulting in more intense and frequent displays of the Northern Lights. This year, the solar cycle will reach its maximum, making it an ideal time to see the colorful Aurora Borealis in Iceland.

Featured Trip:

Iceland Northern Lights Experience

2 Day Reykjavik Itinerary
9 Day Ring Road Roadtrip Itinerary
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Travel Itinerary Planning

Hi! I'm Shannon. I am a travel enthusiast who absolutely LOVES planning vacations, down to every detail.

My goal is to share my travels with others to encourage them to travel more and worry less! 

I take care of all the planning for you, so you don't have to stress the details. Choose from my already made itineraries (which I used on my own trips), or completely customize your own to exactly what you'd like!

I can accommodate for anywhere, any budget, and any adventure level even if I haven't been yet! 


We book everything for you to make your life easy!

We do all the research, planning, and scheduling, so you don't have to worry about a thing!

What's included:

  • Transportation

  • Stays

  • Tours and excursions

Recommendations for:

  • Restaurants and bars

  • Local attractions

  • Nearby destinations

  • Fun activities

  • Local history/educational stops



For $50, you can buy my already made itineraries, with plans down to the hour!

These itineraries include flights, stays, activities, suggested restaurants, and more - all thoroughly researched and used by me!


For $100, you can get a completely customized itinerary, tailor made just for you! 

You will get the same level of detail, research, and fun as the itineraries I make for myself!


Whether you're dreaming of a globe-trotting escapade through exotic lands or a cozy local hideaway in your backyard, BYOV is your trusty adventure sidekick. Big or small, every adventure, every journey, every exploration – they're all opportunities for us to cook up an extraordinary experience tailored just for you! So, let's dive into the world of possibilities together!

What's Your Style?

Dust off that passport – it's craving another stamp and adventure! Whether you're feeling the solo explorer vibe or want to bring along a partner-in-crime, we can offer you an adventure of a lifetime. 


Whether you're a hiking newbie or a trailblazing pro, we've got epic treks just waiting for you! Toss those trusty hiking boots and that camelback in your pack, and let's hit those trails for some wild exploration!



Time to tick off another fantastic national park from your adventure checklist! With a whopping 63 stunning parks in the USA, why wait? Grab those bags, and let's dive headfirst into the great outdoors!

Let's Go

Ready to kickstart your epic travel escapades exploring the US? Whether you're craving some coastal vibes or a wild road-tripping adventure across the Midwest, we've got the ultimate experiences waiting just for you!


Got some spare vacation days you're itching to use or perhaps you're just yearning for a quick escape from the daily grind? Look no further! We've got a treasure trove of electrifying last-minute deals just waiting for your adventurous spirit. So, why not snag one and turn those spontaneous moments into unforgettable adventures?

Last Minute Trips

Tue, Apr 09  |  Oglesby

Spring Group Hike at Starved Rock

Meet us at 9am for a group hike in Starved Rock State Park! Meet up with a group of people and make some new friends! All ages and activity levels are welcome.



Choosing a budget-friendly vacation is all about striking the perfect balance between thrills and savings. With some smart planning and a dash of creativity, you can enjoy unforgettable adventures without emptying your wallet.

Budget Friendly Adventures

Craving an adventure that's quick on time but high on memories? Behold, our wallet-friendly wonder! This express road trip is your ticket to a whirlwind of excitement without emptying your pockets. Fasten your seatbelt, rev that engine, and let's embark on a journey!


Whether you're a hiking newbie or a trailblazing pro, we've got epic treks just waiting for you! Toss those trusty hiking boots and that camelback in your pack, and let's hit those trails for some wild exploration!


In need of a weekend escape that's all about adventure, not breaking the bank? Our weekend getaways are the express lane to unforgettable memories in just a few short days. Pack your bags, embrace the thrill, and let's embark on an adventure!


Craving a wallet-friendly camping retreat that's big on adventure and low on costs? These nature-packed escapes are your express ticket to lasting memories in the great outdoors. So, grab your tent, gather 'round the campfire, and let the good times roll.




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